Instructions for wearing orthoses for the first time:

1.       Wearing orthoses or arch supports for the first time is similar to wearing glasses for the first time – the feet may become sore but will improve and pain will disappear within 4-8 weeks, but may take upto 12 weeks if symptoms are severe.

2.       Orthoses are worn in like new shoes: 1 hour on day 1, 2 hours on day 2, 3 hours on day 3, 4 hours on day 4, increasing wearing by 1 hour per day until the devices can be worn for a full day.

3.       Sport and orthoses: wear the device during trainingon day 1 for the first 15 minutes. Increase wearing time by 15 minutes per training session.

4.       Simple insoles: wear the devices for the whole day from day 1.

5.       Cleaning: Devices can be wiped with a moist cloth and diluted detergent.

6.       If squeaking occurs during walking, apply foot powder eg. Karroo foot powder in the shoe before placing the orthoses into the shoes. 

7.       Follow-up appointments: a 1 month follow-up from day of dispense is important, and thereafter a 12 month follow-up is needed.  Please consult your podiatrist if any problems occur before the follow-up appointments.


8.       Patience and compliance is the recipe for success.