Pierre Oosthuizen is a Centurion based Podiatry practice and laboratory. The lab workshop is operated from the Westrand and patients are consulted at Health-Worx Centurion Mall.  Podiatrists diagnose and treat ankle and foot disorders, but some choose to manufacture in-shoe devices (orthoses / orthotics) as well.

Pierre started studying towards an M Tech Homeopathy degree, but after completing the first two years successfully he changed to B Tech Podiatry (podiatric medicine) and graduated from the University of Johannesburg in 2010. He worked at a practice in Midrand in 2010 after which he started his own practice. He is passionate about making orthotics and biomechanics. He has been working in a Podiatry lab since he was a student (2008). This is where he spends many hours.

Orthotics are made in different ways. Many methods are used to capture the shape of the patient's feet to manufacture the orthoses, for example foam boxes, plaster of paris, resin sock casts, or digitally making use of a pressure plate or 3D scanner.  It all depends on the personal preferance of the podiatrist practice that you visit.  According to research, all methods provide the podiatrist with decent orthoses. It depends more on how the Podiatrist interpreted the findings and formulate the prescription. Hence: prescribed custom orthotics.

It needs to be added that exercises prescribed with orthotics is the best way to achieve long term success. If you don't do the exercises as recommended your symptoms is very likely to return. It is also very likely that you will always be wearing orthotics, because a lot of your symptoms are caused by the hard surface we walk on everyday. Some patients by better by wearing different shoes, but sometimes orthotics are necessary to improve foot pain.

This Podiatrist prefers working with plaster of paris (neutral) impression casts.  He works hands on with the positive casts (plate of paris model) taken from each individual patient.

Pierre is an enthusiastic trail runner and is to be found on a trail over weekends or at sunrise or sunset (before or after work) - see @pod4feet on Twitter.






Please note that the laboratory services are offered to other Podiatry practices who choose to outsource their orthotic labwork